Greta Van Fleet – From the Fires

This was an unexpected find. My dad of all people sent me a link to Highway Song by Greta Van Fleet. Their first album From the Fires came out in 2017. I say this is unexpected because my dad considers bands like Van Halen and Guns N’ Roses ‘new bands’, so I was pretty shocked when he sent me a link to an actual new band.

I think the name of the band stinks. A band name should be something easy to remember. If I told you to go listen to Greta Van Fleet you’d most likely forget the name before I finished saying it, however I won’t be complaining about the sound. The band is basically Led Zeppelin. I mean Led Zeppelin borrowed a ton of stuff (I might dive into that topic in the future), but they always tweaked it and made it their own. Greta Van Fleet skipped that step and just said we’re the new Led Zeppelin. And that’s fine with me. Zep hasn’t had a new album in decades, so if I can get anything close to them I’m happy. This has been very polarizing in the music scene though. Seems there are two sides, one that thinks they are saving rock and bringing classic rock back and those that think they are a cheap Led Zeppelin knock-off and should be ignored.

If you close your eyes you could maybe talk yourself into thinking Flower Power was an unreleased Zeppelin track. Robert Plants vocals have obviously been studied and replicated almost exactly. A Change is Gonna Come sounds like it’s about to get great with the organs in the background, but doesn’t quite get there.

Highway Tune, which is the song that made me decide to listen to the whole album is definitely the highlight. I kind of wish this song was 2 minutes longer:

Black Smoke Rising has an infectious chorus. I was going to give it 4 stars, but realized I immediately went to play the song a second time. I’m not usually the type to listen to a song multiple times in a row, so that bumps the song up a star.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this album. There are a few forgettable songs (not bad, just forgettable) on the album and overall it’s pretty short, it’s an EP so it’s just over 34 minutes total. That being said it’s still worth it for the great moments this album has.

Reasons to get this album:

  • You’re a fan of Led Zeppelin.
  • Highway Tune.
  • New talented rock bands are hard to find, support them!

Reasons not to get this album:

  • You hate Led Zeppelin.
  • You want to punish them for having a stupid band name.
  • You tried to get the album but forgot what they were called.
  1. Safari Song (3:56) – 
  2. Edge of Darkness (4:28) – 
  3. Flower Power (5:13) – 
  4. A Change is Gonna Come (3:17) – 
  5. Highway Tune (3:01) – 
  6. Meet on the Ledge (3:50) – 
  7. Talk on the Street (4:09) – 
  8. Black Smoke Rising (4:21) – 


Album Rankings

  1. From the Fires (2017) – 
  2. Anthem of the Peaceful Army (2018) – 

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