Buckcherry – Hellbound

Hellbound, Buckcherry’s 9th album. Full disclosure I own the other 8 albums. I loved the first few, the last 3 albums or so have a couple good songs but are pretty forgettable. Curious to see how they sound now since Josh Todd is the only original member left and he’s now in his 50’s. Off do a pretty good start with 54321, sounds like classic … Continue reading Buckcherry – Hellbound

The Killers – Pressure Machine

I received a request to review Pressure Machine, the 7th studio album by The Killers. I haven’t heard the last few Killers albums so I’m looking forward to checking out their new album. I’ve found them to be very hit or miss in the past, some songs I love and some I can’t stand, so let’s see if this album follows that trend. Oh boy, … Continue reading The Killers – Pressure Machine

Tre Said – All Those City Lights

    I received a request to review All Those City Lights, the debut album from Tre Said, a power trio from Barcelona. They have a pretty unique sound, the best comparison I could think of is vocals are similar to Cold War Kids, but the music is a lot heavier, closer to Royal Blood. It’s a pretty consistent album throughout. Most of the songs … Continue reading Tre Said – All Those City Lights

J. Cole – KOD

Adrian requested J. Cole – KOD. Full disclosure I don’t like most hip-hop, especially current hip-hop, so if I hate this album don’t get mad. The into had some jazz music with a lady talking over it. Was surprised to see it had 4 writers. Not a great intro but I find it’s rare when an album has a worthwhile intro. I was happy when … Continue reading J. Cole – KOD

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Wrong Creatures

Wrong Creatures, Black Rebel Motorcycles 8th album, starts off with DFF, a spacey sounding song. It sounds like it’s building up to something but then just ends. That rolls into Spook which has a good groove, solid, but nothing too exciting. Things start to get going with King of Bones. Dark, deep fuzzy guitars. This could easily be a Queens of the Stone Age song. … Continue reading Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Wrong Creatures

Weezer – Weezer (Black Album)

Weezers 13th album and 6th self-titled album. And if you count their cover album it’s their 5th album in as many years, so we know where they stand on quantity vs. quality. This album strays a bit from their usual formula. Can’t Knock the Hustle has Latin rhythms. A lot of the tracks have piano, acoustic guitars, or electronic instruments. It also marks their 99th … Continue reading Weezer – Weezer (Black Album)